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Press Brake (Box Type): Are available in mechanical/pneumatic versions in all capacities. It is specially designed for manufacturers of bus body sections. Doors & job bending in center of the full width of sheet i.e. clear distance between columns as per the bending capacity of the machine. Hence full length sheet can pass through the machine. pbbt.jpg (15542 bytes)
mpp.jpg (15450 bytes) Mech. Punching Machine: This is specially designed for punching of tube light patties and similar job. Total punching can be done in single stroke. Hence productivity is higher. Fix stroke, revolving key clutch & brake are the main features. Available in 25 to 100 ton capacity. Pneumatic clutch & higher sizes available on request.
Mech. Box Folding Press: First Indian import-substitute box folding press is developed by WELDOR for B.H.E.L., Bhopal. Ideally suitable for manufacturing of big capacitors body, box & other hollow tubular sections. Available in capacity of 40 ton & length 1200 x Thickness 2mm(ss). Actuation of mechanical clutch is through pneumatically operated cylinders & valves. A safety grill is provided with pneumatically operated valves & inter locked  with the clutch operation. Pneumatic clutch & higher sizes available on request. mbfp.jpg (17022 bytes)

hp1.jpg (14554 bytes)

WELDOR CNC hydraulic press brakes are designed & developed by incorporating latest technology for high standard of accuracy.
Front  mounted cylinders are synchronized for parallelism of RAM & table. The machines are electronically controlled and hydraulically operated. Control parameters are easily done through controller like tonnage, top dead point, bending depth, holding time, back gauge position, back gauge retraction etc. etc..
V-Block & V-Punch are supplied as standard accessories. A wide range from 80 ton to 400 ton and bending length from 2030 mm to 4000 mm are available with user friendly CNC controller.
Hydraulic Press: Operation of this press includes blanking, piercing, embossing, forming, bending etc. It is useful in industries manufacturing drum & barrels, LPG cylinder, dishes auto components, electrical lights, compressor manufacturers, home & kitchen appliances & other sheet metal components available in tailor made from 50 to 500 ton capacities. hp.jpg (11171 bytes)
hdaddp.jpg (10359 bytes) Hydraulic Double Action Deep Drawing Press: Fully hydraulic press is suitable to make deep draw components of auto mobile, utensils, chemical, gas stoves, LPG cylinders, special containers, stainless steel kitchen sinks, electrical light, electric motor, home & kitchen appliances etc. Its range is 50 to 500 ton, other sizes tailor made. It is available with one drawing cylinder & other holding cylinders, ejector & diecushion.

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