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"WELDOR" Hydraulic Guillotine shearing machine with variable rake angle have been designed and developed through structural analysis technique for continuous production, accuracy and repeatability.

FRAME: Rigid steel frame of "WELDOR" shears are optimally designed to avoid weak sections at load support and is of interlocked design. The table of frame is welded together with support of steel plates. The table top surface is machined with provision of t-slot to facilitate front gauge stopper. Ram assembly is welded with steel plate support. .

RAKE ANGLE (VARIABLE): Rake angle selector switch is provided in control panel to vary the rake angle. It permits to shear higher thickness than its capacity. Thin sheet can be cut w/o distortion.

ROLLER GUIDES: The upper beam is guided by three point roller guides. A replaceable hardened Liner is provided for minimum wear. It eliminates lubrication of guides.

HYDR. POWER PACK: Hydraulic system is mounted at top at rear side of machine. Hydraulic components are of internationally reputed make like Vickers, Dowty, Rexroth etc. Valves are mounted on a compact manifold block minimizing piping and chances of leakages. For oil cooling sufficient size of oil reservoir is provided.

CYLINDERS: Cylinders are precisely honed and are fitted with hard chromed piston rod with best quality sealing elements. Cylinders are connected with upper beam (cutting beam) with spherical bearings for higher capacity. Two cylinders are working on differential pressure principle for synchronization. This eliminates force on cutting edge.

HYDR. HOLD DOWN: Hydraulic hold down pads hold the sheet securely to avoid slipping & bowing resulting in clean square cut. Hold down units are provided for better clamping while cutting narrow strips. BLADE CLEARANCE : Blade clearance can be adjusted manually by lever on each side of machine with calibration of clearance suitable for thickness.

MECHANICAL BACK GAUGE: Manual back gauge is a standard equipment provided on all Weldor shears. Scale on the backgauge gives instaneous reading of distance between shear and backgauge, thus avoiding errors and maintenance encountered in electronic equipment.

BLADES: Weldor shears are provided with high quality, Single segment (HcHcr) blades for longer tool life. Ease in assembly of blade reduces down time. The blades are four edged.

OPERATION: Electric panel & operational console are provided at right side of the machine for easy operation by operator. console & control panel is provided with on-off push-button, three phase indicator, forward-reverse push-button for back gauge operation, inch push-button for individual hold down function, emergency stop push-button. Foot switch is provided to carry out Shearing Operation if foot switch is released at any point of shearing upper beam will return from that point.

FINGER GUARD: Fitted in front of hold down for operator's protection without obstructing viewing.

Electric Motor
Control Panel
Operational Console
Foot Switch
Four Edge Hchcr Blade
Front T-slot Supporters
Front Scale Gauge
Back Gauge System (manual)
Variable Rake Angle Selector Switch
Stroke Adjustment Rod & Limit Switches
Blade Clearance Adjustment mHydraulic Hold Down System
Instruction & Maintenance Manual
  Electronic Stroke Counter
N.C. Back Gauge
Ball Transfers
Extension Squaring Arm
Automatic Lubrication System
Rear Sheet Supporter
Foundation Bolts.

Note: Specifiation / Design are subject to change without prior notice.

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